Sewer Installation


The installation of complex sewer systems is a core component of C.A.C.’s business model. We focus on the installation of sewer systems that require specialized expertise such as pile support, temporary dewatering, deep excavations with complex sheeting systems, cofferdams, and/or temporary bypass pumping systems to maintain existing sewer flows during construction. C.A.C. is one of the largest sewer contractors in the metropolitan area with clients that include NYCDEP, NYCDDC, PANYNJ, NYCEDC, LIRO, Turner, and Benjamin-Beechwood.



Beach 42nd Street


C.A.C. successfully installed in excess of 1000 feet of pile supported 7ft wide by 5ft deep box sewer and outfall in Far Rockaway. A steel sheet pile cofferdam and a deep well dewatering system were installed to facilitate the construction of the sewer while allowing the existing sewer to function normally. Stainless Steel tide gates were fabricated and installed on both outfalls to keep sea water out of the sewer during high tide while allowing storm water out into Norton Basin at lower tides. Wetland Rehabilitation was performed to replenish shrubs and intertidal species critical to the future prevention of shoreline erosion.


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Brooklyn Emergency Sewer Repair


C.A.C. has completed several Emergency Sewer Repair contracts for NYCDEP. These borough wide contracts require immediate emergency response to DEP reported sewer failures. Bypass pumping of sewer flows is often a necessary component of the repair process. The photos below depict work performed at a repair location on McKibbin Street and St. John's Place in Brooklyn. At this repair location, primary electric ducts were encountered within the sheeting line and were successfully maintained and supported live while the trench was hand and machine excavated for the sewer replacement.


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Gateway Estates Development


Two separate NYCDDC contracts were completed by C.A.C., totaling over $30 million which included the installation of the necessary infrastructure to facilitate the first phases of the Gateway Estates Development. This project subsidized by NYCHPD to provide affordable housing for middle class families in Brooklyn, NY. Pile supported storm and sanitary sewers were installed utilizing a deep well dewatering system. A distribution water main, street and traffic lighting, curbs, sidwalks and new roadways were also installed, as part of the DDC contract. C.A.C. installed new gas mains and electric conduits at the site under separate private utility contracts.


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Arverne by the Sea


C.A.C. has successfully completed several private projects at Arverne by the Sea, a development in Rockaway, Queens, NY. New sewers were installed throughout the development including sewers on mini-piles adjacent to the elevated NYCT structure. A dewatering system with a filtration plant was utilized to lower the ground water table and deal with contaminated ground water in the area. Other infrastructure work included new distribution water main, curb, sidewalk, roadway, street lighting and traffic signals.


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