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SE-823 - 229th Street Sewers

C.A.C.’s project on 229th Street in the Brookville neighborhood of southeast Queens was part of a larger program by the NYCDDC to reduce flooding in area. This project’s purpose was to upgrade drainage and street conditions to mitigate potential flooding. On this project, C.A.C. completed 12,700 Linear Feet of RCP, ESVP, and DIP Storm and Sanitary Sewers. To install those elements, the project required extensive excavation, construction of a support of excavation system, complex formwork, and cast-in-place concrete methods.

C.A.C. also completed 12,000 Linear feet of Water Main installation, and 6,200 linear feet of large box culverts of various sizes. There were 15 storm sewer chambers, 140 manholes, and 100 catch basins that were also installed throughout the project. In addition, the restoration of the project included 65,000 Square Feet of sidewalk restoration as well as 16,000 Linear Feet of concrete and steel curb work.

This standout project took a lot of time and effort from the C.A.C. team, and will improve drainage in the area dramatically for years to come.

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