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Penelope Avenue

The Penelope Avenue project addressed sewer capacity issues in Middle Village to minimize flooding caused by rain events. The capacities of the combined sewers were increased by upsizing the replacement sewers in Juniper Valley Road, Gray Street, 75th Street, 74th Street, and Penelope Avenue, as well as by adding a second sewer paralleling the existing in a segment of 74th Street. These sewers range in size from 12-inch up to 42-inch, and also include a large 11’x6.5’ box sewer. The new combined sewers located in 74th Street and Penelope were supported on new grouted displacement auger piles. The project required the construction of five large pile supported reinforced concrete vaults to channel the flow and add capacity to the system. The downstream end of the new combined sewer terminated at a new transition chamber.  A future project commencing on the downstream side of the transition will equalize the capacities of the sewers.

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