Green Infrastructure


As the demands for more sustainable cities rise, city officials have begun to implement changes in their infrastructure designs and how they are constructed. C.A.C. Industries, Inc. has not only implemented company policies to encourage its employees to live a cleaner and healthier lifestyle, but also incorporated corporate procedures at their projects to reduce the construction related impact on the environment. Furthermore, it has begun pursuing projects with Best Management Practice elements. Green infrastructure uses vegetation, soils, and natural processes to manage stormwater runoff from streets, roof tops, and parking lots, and create healthier urban environments. C.A.C. aims to help the City in their efforts to bring flood protection, cleaner air, and cleaner water to New York City.



Edenwald Houses


C.A.C. won two NYCDEP contracts totaling $7.5 million to implement green infrastructure improvements at both Edenwald housing sites (North and South) in Bronx, NY. The goal of the project was to reduce combined sewer overflows (CSOs) to the Hutchinson River tributary area and improve water quality by constructing several green infrastructure facilities throughout both sites. This included the use of permeable pavers in courtyard areas, the addition of rain gardens and vegetated bioretention, the redirection of roof runoff to nearby facilities, and installation of porous asphalt, cast-in-place pervious concrete and precast pervious concrete to filter stormwater into the ground instead of flow into the sewer system. The elements of this project served as a method to further develop the green infrastructure component of the City’s CSO Long Term Control Plan.


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