Water Main Installation

C.A.C. is an industry leader when it comes to the installation of new trunk (over 30" dia) and distribution (less than 30") water main for the City of New York. Our list of clients include the Department of Environmental Protection, New York City Department of Design and Construction, The Port Authority of NY/NJ and New York City Economic Development Corporation; private clients include Benjamin Beechwood, LIRO, Prismatic and Turner. Over the past decade, C.A.C. has installed more trunk water mains in New York City and the outer boroughs than any other contractor.


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Sewer Installation


The installation of complex sewer systems is a core component of C.A.C.’s business model. We focus on the installation of sewer systems that require specialized expertise such as pile support, temporary dewatering, deep excavations with complex sheeting systems, cofferdams, and/or temporary bypass pumping systems to maintain existing sewer flows during construction.


C.A.C. is one of the largest sewer contractors in the metropolitan area with clients that include NYCDEP, NYCDDC, PANYNJ, NYCEDC, LIRO, Turner, and Benjamin-Beechwood.


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Utility Work


C.A.C. has a long track record of installing new gas, telephone and electric facilities as well as maintaining live systems during the construction of other infrastructure in both NYC and the outer boroughs. In lower Manhattan, where the density of underground utilities is most challenging, C.A.C. has excelled at coordinating the relocation of electric, gas and telephone systems to permit the installation of new utilities or infrastructure.


In Brooklyn, C.A.C. installed new gas, electric and cable systems for The Gateway Estates housing development funded by the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development.


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Gas & Steam

C.A.C. has a contract with Con Edison to work various gas and steam projects throughout Manhattan and Bronx. C.A.C. has the special manpower, tools, and equipment to perform work on gas mains, services, public improvement and capital jobs. We specialize in trenching, installing mains & services, fusing, welding, encroachments, main cut outs, reconnections, cut and caps. C.A.C. provides Con Edison with the necessary support on emergencies and leaks.


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Parks & Recreation

C.A.C. is proud to have completed the second section of the High Line - a "one of a kind" public park built on a historic freight rail line, elevated above the streets of Manhattan's West Side between West 20th and West 30th Streets. The client was NYC Economic Development Corp. with oversight from NYC Department of Parks and Recreation. C.A.C. also performed the site work for the USTA National Tennis Center, and successfully completed a "Step Streets" contract with NYC Department of Design and Construction that added granite stairs, decorative railings, pavers and planters to previously deteriorated stairways that serve as pedestrian streets in the West Bronx.


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Highway & Paving

Our crews have installed hundreds of thousands of square feet of concrete sidewalk and miles of concrete curb over the past twenty years, including pigmented concrete sidewalk and curbs in both Queens and Lower Manhattan. We have installed concrete base and asphalt paving on many of the most traveled roads in the five boroughs. In Lower Manhattan alone, our crews have installed blocks of historical granite curb and street pavers within limited work areas with restricted work hours.


C.A.C. is also a frontrunner in sustainable road building, installing 100% recycled asphalt paving, using a mix design and RAP by Green Asphalt Co., LLC, that behaves like a conventional asphalt top mix, using only a fraction of the carbon footprint of conventional asphalt plants.

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Engineered Piling Solutions

The Drivecast screw displacement pile utilizes soil displacement methodology which allows the pile to be advanced into the soil by rotation. The pile establishes a cylindrical void which allows a column of grout to be immediately pulled down from a gravity-fed reservoir, creating a fully grouted, high capacity pile. 

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As we prepare for the future, C.A.C. has expanded its operations to provide services to the Mass Transit segment market and performed rehabilitation work on elevated structures and upgraded the Bus Service infrastructure to help mobilize the commuters. By doing so, C.A.C. has expanded their market beyond their core roadway, sewer and water main work.


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Green Infrastructure

As the demands for more sustainable cities rise, city officials have begun to implement changes in their infrastructure designs and how they are constructed. C.A.C. Industries, Inc. has not only implemented company policies to encourage its employees to live a cleaner and healthier lifestyle, but also incorporated corporate procedures at their projects to reduce the construction related impact on the environment. Furthermore, it has begun pursuing projects with Best Management Practice elements. Green infrastructure uses vegetation, soils, and natural processes to manage stormwater runoff from streets, roof tops, and parking lots, and create healthier urban environments. C.A.C. aims to help the City in their efforts to bring flood protection, cleaner air, and cleaner water to New York City.


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