Water Main Installation


C.A.C. Industries, Inc. is an industry leader when it comes to the installation of new trunk (over 30" dia) and distribution (less than 30") water main for the City of New York. Our list of clients include the Department of Environmental Protection, New York City Department of Design and Construction, The Port Authority of NY/NJ and New York City Economic Development Corporation; private clients include Benjamin Beechwood, LIRO, Prismatic and Turner. C.A.C. has installed more trunk water mains in New York City and the outer boroughs than any other contractor.



99 Ave (South Queens)


This $60 million NYCDDC project featured the installation of over 5000 ft of 48" welded steel water main complete with butterfly valves and regulators housed in concrete reinforced chambers. At one location the 48" water main was installed inside a 72" casing pipe that was jacked beneath an existing major box sewer. Micro tunneling of the 72" casing pipe was necessary at a second location which went beneath an elevated railroad owned by the LIRR. Other work included new 8", 12", and 20" distribution main, the replacement/re-routing of existing sanitary and storm sewers adjacent to the trunk main, new curb and sidewalk, concrete base and asphalt paving, street lighting and signal work.


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Hudson St. - Water Tunnel Shaft 29b


This NYCDDC project in Tribeca, NY included the construction of new 36" and 48" steel water mains, with butterfly valves, regulators, and flow meters housed in reinforced concrete chambers that connect the lower Manhattan water supply to City Tunnel #3 at Shaft #29B. The $60 million project included the unique concept of "joint bidding", which combined the scope of private utility work, along with City work in the same contract, to expedite the coordination and complete the connection of the steel trunk main to shaft 29B by 2013. Related work included new distribution water mains, drainage, gas mains, electric ducts, telephone ducts, cable television facilities, street lighting, traffic signals, granite curb, pigmented sidewalk, and granite block roadways.


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Richmond Road


The highlight of this $25 million NYCDDC project was the installation of 72" welded steel water main on Richmond Road and Vanderbilt Ave between Narrows Road North and Tomkins Ave. The most challenging aspect of the project was the tie in of the new 72" system with the existing trunk main in the intersection on Narrows Road North and Richmond Road. The tie in was at an invert depth of 18 ft that was sheeted using a combination of soldier piles, steel bracing, plates and wood lagging. Upgraded street lighting and traffic lights were also installed along with a new asphalt roadway on concrete base.


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