C.A.C. Industries, Inc. has strong relationships with Construction Companies, Suppliers, Insurance Brokers, Bankers, Vendors, and New York City agencies. While we express our appreciation for those that assist us on a regular basis, we have also been fortunate to have those that want to share their praise and comments about us.


Here are just a few of those strong relationships that offered comments regarding working with C.A.C. Industries, Inc.

Flora Durante-Tesi

Durante Bros. Construction Corp.


We have been working with C.A.C. Industries for well over 10 years and they are a great asset to the NYC Construction Industry. We have found working with them over the years to be straightforward and steadfast. Their administrative staff is always helpful. Durante Bros. Construction is very pleased with the business relationship we share with C.A.C. Industries.

Richard Ferruci & Thomas Bean, Sr

RFF & Associates, Inc


RFF & Associates, Inc. is very proud to represent Michael Capasso and C.A.C. Industries since the company’s inception, nearly 20 years ago. Through Michael’s hard work and leadership, he has made C.A.C. into one of the leading, privately held, contractors in the New York marketplace. With his steady hand, and a philosophy of ‘taking care of business’, Michael’s management style has instilled a winning culture into the C.A.C. team. Their successes have allowed them to grow, while still maintaining personal relationships. Having provided C.A.C. with their first bond of only $350,000, C.A.C. today has grown to where they can support individual projects (bonds) in excess of $300,000,000. We look forward to a mutually successful partnership with C.A.C. for many years to come. In 2010, RFF & Associates, Inc. was acquired by Alliant Insurance Services, Inc., the nation’s largest specialty insurance brokerage firm. 

Michael O'Krepky, PE

284 Aggregates, LLC


It has been a profitable and a valuable experience supplying C.A.C. Industries, Inc. with aggregates to large and high profile projects such as Pelham Parkway and MED 596 Hudson Street. All of our material tickets were processed and paid within our agreed upon terms - which is very valuable in today’s competitive marketplace.

Melissa Shelter

Justice for Homeowners


We asked for volunteer help for a family in Brooklyn and C.A.C. stepped up without hesitation, they donated all the materials and the labor. They came early, worked hard, and treated everyone on the site with the utmost of respect. This is truly a professional company.

Steven Erens

President Infinity Building Supplies


For the past 10 years, I've been supplying C.A.C. with some of their lumber needs. The people at C.A.C. have the highest integrity and know exactly what spec is needed to complete their jobs. C.A.C. is run with the highest standards, and proper know how. They respect my trucks and get us out fast. The staff office is on top of everything and Lisa always has all the records. C.A.C. is one of the best companies that I deal with, they never give me a hard time. What they say is what they do. Without saying any names their boss is one of the smartest business men in the industry.

Anthony L. Scaccia 

City Transit Mix, Inc


C.A.C. Industries, Inc. has been a long standing customer of City Transit Mix for over 10 years. We regard C.A.C. Industries as one of NY's top roadway contractors who are diligent and responsive to their profession. Together, C.A.C. and City Transit Mix have completed many projects.

The company, as a whole, displays solid work ethics and professionalism - be it on a job site or in the conference room. C.A.C. has the utmost regard for staying within their terms, whether it is finishing a project on time, or ahead of schedule, or paying their bills.


In all the years of doing business with Mr. Capasso and C.A.C., we have never been short-changed. Mr. Capasso, C.A.C office staff, and Al Faicco, CFO, are always very attentive to our needs and address all situations that may arise in a timely fashion. C.A.C.'s foremen on any jobsite we have had dealings with, have always been forthcoming with information we require, in order to service the job properly and work well with our dispatch office.


It is an honor and a privilege to do business with C.A.C. Industries, Inc. and Michael Capasso and to be a part of many NY projects. We look forward to continuing our business relationship with C.A.C. for many years to come. 

Tommy Mina

T. Mina Supply, Inc.


I have dealt with the Capasso family for more than 40 years, doing business with 3 of 4 generations. It is (personally) endearing that each 'new Capasso' CEO has developed more ingenuity, energy and structure than his predecessor. That certainly is demonstrated by Michael Capasso, who has built an organization that would make his father and grandfather very proud of the present stewardship of the family legacy.


The Capasso's have contributed to my personal success since 1968 and of T. Mina Supply since it was founded. Michael Capasso will be a force in our industry for many years and remains a valued friend and client. 

Community Homeowner


CAC workers have been digging and installing new water pipes in Bayside, Queens. They are amazing and hardworking men. Polite and concerned about homeowner access. Thank you!

Community Member


Amazing day for CAC Industries work at West 70th Street. Crew did amazing job. They opened the earth, found surprises, troubleshooted, adapted and all in a very fine time frame. Recognition for a hard working crew, if you can. Of course, tomorrow is a new day, but today counts and they were outstanding.

Rabbi Nosson Scherman

Mesorah Publications, LTD.

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Community Homeowner

People take the time to complain but never the time to say something good. These guys are amazing and are working very efficiently. Michael is blessed to have these guys, they are phenomenal.

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