C.A.C. Comes Together to Celebrate the Future of C.A.C.

The entire C.A.C. family, from President to Accounting to field crew members joined each other at Amadeus Night club in Queens to engage in an enlightening event to celebrate the company's Core Values, Core Purpose and the future of C.A.C..

Motivated Guest Speaker, Mark Valenziano, shared his life experience with the audience and his inspirational life's path, over coming the obstacles of severely impaired vision to become a successful business man and motivation speaker. He shared knowledge on how to advance and develop, reiterating that people need to first "get comfortable being uncomfortable." His mantra brought the entire audience to it's feet. 


  • It’s Always WE - We are a tightly knitted team that supports each other, unconditionally.

  • Be Humble & Kick Ass - We keep a low profile. We don’t brag. We don’t talk the walk; in fact, you’ll never find us walking. Instead we move.

  • Be Green & Lean - C.A.C. has committed to cut its carbon footprint in all our operating areas and offices.

  • Educate to Transform - C.A.C. is committed to give everyone the opportunity to transform themselves into a more responsible position through training and education.


  • Unlimited Opportunities – C.A.C. exists to create Unlimited Opportunities

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