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Teddy Bear Project

"Charity is the root of all good works"

Teddy Bear Project collaborates with parks in NYC by mulching trees and planting tree beds with native plants and bulbs. Connecting with a C.A.C. superintendent on our Bronx Pelham Parkway project, our team had the opportunity to donate a pile of lumber for raised beds and other necessities that can be utilized at Drew Gardens in the Bronx.

Instructors at Drew Gardens educate community volunteers on garden maintenance and design. The garden is home to a variety of plants such as cherry trees and callaloo.

Teddy Bear Project also connected C.A.C. Cares to M.S.129, a middle school who expressed a need for assistance in transporting material to their school garden. Without hesitation our team transported the material and assisted in placing it in their garden beds. C.A.C. Cares also had the pleasure to donate computers to the place of education.

Our team seeks to not only assist but to leave a lasting impact towards the future.


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