Highway & Paving


Our crews have installed hundreds of thousands of square feet of concrete sidewalk and miles of concrete curb over the past twenty years, including pigmented concrete sidewalk and curbs in both Queens and Lower Manhattan. We have installed concrete base and asphalt paving on many of the most traveled roads in the five boroughs. In Lower Manhattan alone, our crews have installed blocks of historical granite curb and street pavers within limited work areas with restricted work hours.


C.A.C. is also a frontrunner in sustainable road building, installing 100% recycled asphalt paving, using a mix design and RAP by Green Asphalt Co., LLC, that behaves like a conventional asphalt top mix, using only a fraction of the carbon footprint of conventional asphalt plants.



Reconstruction of Pelham Parkway


C.A.C. worked with NYCDDC to reconstruct the South Service Road of Pelham Parkway, from Boston Road to Stillwell Avenue. We completed all sewer, water main and drainage work and installed new curbs, sidewalks, street lighting, traffic signals and roadway. Reconstruction of the eastbound express lanes commenced in early Spring 2012. This scope of work included new safety guard rails and tree planting, while maintaining the motor parkway as was envisioned in the early 20th century.


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Reconstruction of Commerce Avenue


This NYCDDC project along Commerce Avenue called for the extension of the combined and storm sewer systems, while replacing a small portion of the 12" distribution water main, and the installation of hydrants, catch basins, curbs and sidewalks related to catch basin installation. C.A.C. also was responsible for milling and paving of existing roadways as needed, as well as the maintenance of existing trees during the project. The Reconstruction of Commerce Ave was the first project where C.A.C. performed our own pile driving operation.


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Reconstruction of Harrison St.


Harrison St. was a NYCDDC highway project reconstructing several streets used in the recovery and cleanup of the World Trade Center after the 9-11 terror attacks. The project was a joint bid between NYCDDC and several private utility companies including Con Edison and Empire City Subway Co. where the private utility work was combined with the City work to facilitate construction. Work included construction of new water mains, drainage, street lighting, granite curbs, pigmented sidewalk and granite block roadway, with the main emphasis of keeping within the "Old World" look in Tribeca, New York City.


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Bailey Place Retaining Wall


In this $5.2 million dollar NYCDDC project located in the Bronx, C.A.C. was contracted to build a retaining wall along Decatur Ave at East 197th Street. There were also distribution water mains, hydrants, curbs, sidewalks, traffic lights, street lighting, and catch basins that were installed as a part of this contract.


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