Reporter observes Brookville Project sign

Council Member Donovan Richards

Reporter observes Brookville Project sign


NYC DDC Hosts Groundbreaking for $72 Million Infrastructure Project in Brookville, Queens


Council Member Donovan Richards (District 31), NYC DEP Commissioner Vincent Sapienza, DDC Commissioner Lorraine Grillo and District Manager Mark McMillan were amongst the individuals present at the Wednesday afternoon (April 24th) groundbreaking ceremony.

The NYC DDC infrastructure project is part of a $1.9 billion investment under the de Blasio Administration to build a comprehensive drainage system and alleviate flooding in neighborhoods throughout Southeast Queens. 

“With every new project completed in Southeast Queens, we are getting closer to the days where flooding is a concern of the past,” states Council Member Donovan Richards.

The work in Brookville has already commenced. More than two miles (12,400 ft.) of watermains, some dating to before World War II, will be replaced with new pipes. There will be 8,200 feet of new storm sewers and 3,700 feet of combined sewers added to the neighborhood. A total of 96 new catch basins will also be installed to capture stormwater and direct it to the new storm sewers. Existing sanitary sewers will also be replaced. The project will create a double-barrel storm sewer system to Idlewild Park, serving as an outlet for additional projects. To complete the project, curb and sidewalk restoration will also be included.

James Salvio, a Brookville resident, “we are looking forward to finally getting flood relief in the area.”

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