CAC Awarded Two New DDC Jobs

April 6, 2015



Since the start of 2015, CAC has been awarded two new projects from the NYC Department of Design and Construction. The first project CAC Industries was awarded the DDC Project SEQ200538 for a contract worth approximately $9.3 million! The contract calls for the construction of storm and sanitary sewers and appurtenances in 73rd Ave between 73rd Road and 260th Street.


The second, larger project was awarded just last week, HD-161E - Gateway Estates Phase E for a contract worth more that $24 million. CAC has been working on the Gateway Estates projects with DDC for the past few years, having previously completed HD-161A and HD-161B, and currently working on HD-161C, CAC is excited to start further construction in the Gateway Estates area.



Congratulations to the Estimating team for all their hard work!